Friday, October 19, 2007

My first blog!

So.... I'm going to attempt to get the hang of this blog thing... I've tried a few times on MySpace - but really - who reads those? haha... Who's going to read these???

Anyway - as far as the family... We're doing great... I should say - the kids are doing great... Jeremy and I are endlessly working our asses off to keep ourselves sane. He's still waiting on 'the' call from American... I'm still working, working out, doing school work and handling the kiddos... Jer -of course is super dad and totally hands on with them - so atleast I'm not doing it all alone.

I had to apply for additional student loans for next term... :( As disappointed that I am about that - I know its for the best. I have to remind myself that when I went back to school I had a newborn (now 2) and since have changed jobs twice and had another baby... Uh - hello... Life - right???

Anyway - onto the kiddos:

Hannah is doing kick ass in school - as usual... She just got her progress report... She had 5 - 100's and 1 - 95. Total smarty pants like her momma was! haha... She still hasn't decided what she wants to be for Halloween. - Maybe a rotten cheerleader or something??

Haden is a handful these days... He is every bit of terrible two's - but so sweet on occasion too... Just when I am at my wits end he does the sweetest thing and makes me melt all over again! He's going to be a 'ninja warrior' for Halloween this year. Everytime 'Avatar' comes on Nickelodeon he chants "I'm a ninja warrior" over and over again... Hilarious!

Holton just celebrated his 4 month birthday on the 10th! Man - time does fly!! He was 17lbs 9 oz and 27 inches long! Both above the 90th percentile... We have big babies! He's so much fun right now... Just talking away... Welll... COO-ing away... And he wants to stand ALL the time... :)

That's all for my first blog... :) Later!