Friday, October 23, 2009

So this is really happening...


UMMMMMMMMMMMM.... Holy crapola peeps.... Yes... I am. I should phrase that differently - WE are moving to the country. We are really picking up our comfy little picture perfect (boring) life - and moving on to an adventure of a lifetime....

I'm excited, anxious, nervous, happy, freaked out, - ummm excited (yes I said that twice) - at this whole crazy insanity that we are venturing towards.

Momma is going to be happy... My babies are going to be happy... My husband is going to be happy.... YAY! (han's freaking a bit - but she is like her mother - so.... that being said - she'll come around like I do... all the time... haha)

Anyway - going to bed now... Heading out early to the Air Show... the boys are going to LOVE it... :)

Yay! Picture time for momma!!!

Much love - Heather

Friday, October 16, 2009

Under the Weather this Week....

Well, for someone who seems to have an iron clad immune system - I'm feeling pretty crappy today. Not sure if it is allergy related or if I'm really getting sick but I know it isn't fun!!! Anyway - onto more exciting new...

The house on 663 in Midlothian is still in play. We had the inspection done last Wednesday and on Thursday we cancelled the contract. Almost everything that could be deficient (roof, foundation, electrical, septic) - was. While walking away was hard - we definitely don't have the $$ to do all of the renovations that we want to do AND repair everything and STILL pay 190K for the place...

We got a call on Saturday from Ronnie explaining that the seller had no idea there were so many issues with his house and didn't want us to think he was trying to pull one over on us. He agreed to make all the necessary repairs as well as accept 180K, still pay 10K towards closing... YAY!!!!! Now... before anyone gets too excited - we haven't rec'd this in writing yet - I won't believe it til I see it. ANNNNNNNNNDDDD we still need a buyer for our house in Keller.

A few pics from our last visit out there:

This is where we are going to build a 'mud room' and attache the house to the garage (which will become living space)...
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The kids getting familiar with one of the horses - front pasture:

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The back pasture - we haven't walked yet - but soon enough!

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This is just an old tree that I thought looked neat - we'll probably have to cut it down...

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Little Man Holt headed in to spread his muddy feet around!!

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The drive:

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Now just pray it all works out! Much love! Heather