Friday, August 29, 2008

What's New???

AAAH… It is Friday evening – our 3 day weekend starts… YAY YAY YAY!!! I have TOTALLY not been updating the blog – or basically reading/writing/looking at anything online since we’ve been in training at work for 2 weeks… I started working out at 24 Hr. Fitness too last week – so my nights have been wrapped into that too… Insanity!! We are SOOOOOOOO busy lately it seems but never really go anywhere but work and the gym!  haha…

I’ve totally been kicking ARSE working out – and feel better for it… The kickboxing classes are good – not as good as my old ones – but still good enough to sweat to death for a little bit. Since we’ve been training at work we’ve been ordering in lunch every day – so that really sucks as far as my calorie intake – but oh well… We’re almost done and I’ll go back to LC’s, grilled chicken and veggies on a regular basis!

Onto the most important peeps in the Moorhead household...

Hannah Spanana started 5th grade this week! Holy halleluah – my itty bitty baby girl is growing up right before my eyes… She’s taking the bus to and from school and feels like a ‘big girl’ since she doesn’t have to go to daycare anymore…  haha… Jer gets home the same time she does – and T is home for a few months – so she’s never home alone for more that 5 minutes if even that! We tried to ‘low light’ her hair two weeks ago – and it didn’t come out too well.. Actually... we failed miserably and her hair just looked dirty… It was fun doing it – and funny listening to her freak out seeing how dark the product got… haha… I’ll take her to a pro our next go round! Here she is (ABSOLUTELY GOREGOUS I MUST SAY!!!):

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As far as the boys go… Sheesh are they a handful! Jer gets home about 2 hours before I do – so he has the chore of entertaining them until I get home to feed them… haha.. It’s like I have a dinner bell around my neck!!! As soon as the door opens – kids come flying – give me kisses and then scream that they are hungry!!! UGH!! I need everything to be microwaveable!!! Hahaha… This is one of them goofing last weekend:

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Notice that Haden’s nose is like totally up to his forehead thanks to Holton!  hahaha… They are so funny…

Haden starts back to school next week… We have meet the teacher on Thursday! He is SUPER excited to be going back! He’s almost totally potty trained now – just still not quite making it through the night… I’m seriously having panic attacks when he touches the toilets… Can we say SUPER GERMAPHOBE over here? Note to all people that enter the Moorhead household: if you come to my house – the toilets are cleaner than the kitchen table!!!!! Hahahaha… I’ve been anti-bacterial spraying everything – like twice a day!

Potty progress.... THIS IS THE CUTEST PIC!!! haha...

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Little man Holton is growing like a weed!!! (a very healthy fat weed!) haha... He's talking, walking and running and just funny as all get out... He's also getting some of his smaller molars so it is making our evenings a little loud - but it is all part of it, right???? I took this pic in mid July - but I love it... I don't think I've posted it - but if I have... WHO GIVES A CRAP? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

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Jer and I are doing great... Both working to make a living - but still dreaming of the day we can either work for ourselves or win the friggin' lotto! haha... Aunt Barb wants us to come out and work for her - but its just really really really far! :) haha.... ANNNNNNYYYYWAY.... Jer and I celebrated our 6 year 'dating' anniversary on Sunday.... Seriously... August 24th of 2002 I met the KICKEST-ASS man on the planet!!! There aren't words that could ever express how much love there is - nor the understanding that we have for each other... Basically... shit happens - and we scoop it up and fertilize our world with it to make a better life for our family... We realize how absolutely important it is to communicate... and I have been blessed with a man who likes to communicate more than I do!!!! hahaha.... This pic is from our "bach" party a week before our wedding... I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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I think that is all for the moment... I'll think of something clever to say later I'm sure.... I am drinking a few Coors Lights tonight... So I always get talky-talkerton! haha... And mushy... Gotta love that??? RIGHT??? hahahahah

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Momma wants to get fit...

So... It's Wednesday... GOTTA LOVE WEDNESDAYS!!! only 2 more days until I get 2 days to hang with my INSANITY!!! ANYWAY - I started running again yesterday - and ran again today... My legs hurt like nut-ness... LIKE SERIOUSLY... I took 'off' of running when it hit 100+ and the ozone alert was orange... But I've decided screw a bunch of that crap... I'm only hurting myself by NOT running and doing SOMETHING... I'm fine as far as weight goes - but in reality my BMI is SUCKY SUCKERTON... I need to lose 15 lbs (regardless of my 'fire hydrant muscle build') - I need and want to lose 15... (regardless of the BMI scale)...

SOOOO... That brings me to a decision situation... Last year I went to a boot camp 'class' of sorts that literally rocked my world... Physically... Mentally... and Emotionally... Totally sounds weird as I type that - but it really did... Holton was less that 6 weeks old when I started... I was SOOOOOOOOOOO out of shape after the pregnancy and REALLY wanted to get the baby weight off... Mind you - baby weight never really comes off - because your body is just NEVER EVER EVER EVER the same... Right now - I weigh less than I did when Haden AND Holton were conceived... AND only 3 lbs. more than my wedding day.... BUT... SHIT IS JUST NOT in the same place that it has been in YEARS body-wise...

The real deal is - that this class costs 200 bucks a month... WHICH IS EFFIN' INSANE! I did, however, get a 'coupon' for buy one - get one... So I can go for two months for 300 bucks... I personally - do not live in a world or income stream where 300 bucks is not alot to spend on frivolous crap... 300 bucks is easily food for my family for a month. Not only would 300 bucks be a shit-ball to spend... It also means 8 hours of precious time away from my babies... (As a working mom - I get MAYBE 20 hours of 'after work' time with my kids... Typically those hours are abolutely insanity crazy screaming-ness... But still - those hours are HOURS of time that I don't get back if I don't have them with them....

UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! So what am I going to do???? I WANT AND NEED this... I WANT to go... I am in the mind set to do something for myself - screw the money... Can't and won't 'screw' the time... Jer has promised to bring the kids up atleast twice a week when I go... But damnit! Why do I feel so bad? FREAKING MOMMY-NESS el-sucko's sometimes!!! haha...

Ok - I'll stop... haha... But still... I'm dramatizing something that is SO simple... JUST FREAKING GO! JUST FREAKING DO IT!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Much love... H

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Takin' the TRE (train) to Dallas...

So - we finally loaded everyone up and decided to make an afternoon of taking the TRE from Downtown Fort Worth to Dallas... SUPER CHEAP... All 5 of us and my dad for 16 bucks... It got a little shady at a few stops (we only got asked for money once... haha) - but overall the kids really enjoyed the ride... Haden talks about it ALLLL the time...
Ms. Hannah Spanana looking beautimous...

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Holton - having a grand time looking out the window!!!

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Haden Baby was TOTALLY amazed with the train situation – this was a WOW mom!!!

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Momma and Holton on the train… 

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Once we got to our destination – it was just HOT HOT HOT! We walked the Grassy Knoll – and walked down to the West End… I had no idea that the West End was completely GONE! I had planned on farting around in the marketplace with the kids – but its gone… So is Dallas Alley! Anyway – I’m not sure what this was called – something to do with a memorial to JFK I believe… But the kids LOVED playing in the water!

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I think that’s all for now… I should just make slide shows since I have so many dang pictures!

Much love… 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

C.R.A.Z.Y. Freaking HOT!!! OMG!

Who in the hell can work outside in this death 'melt my skin' heat? Sheesh... This weekend we attempted to clean out our garage and attic getting ready for a garage sale in a few weeks. We lasted a whole huge HOUR out there before we said screw it and came back in. It is MISERABLE!!!! ugh!

Friday it did finally cool off enough in the evening (um... 100 at 8pm) to take the boys out to play a bit. Hannah comes home tomorrow! She's been at her Aunt's for A WEEK!! Anyway- video of the boys and the 4-Wheeler:

I was a little nervous - but turns out daddy has been doing this with them all week before I get home!!!