Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's To-Do's.... Hmph...

My.. my.. my... do I have alot that I need to get done... Scratch that... WE have alot that WE need to get done... Knowing that, sometimes there are little comments made here and there that remind us of why we are doing what we are doing... I received one of these such 'comments' this morning from Jer's Aunt Karen:

"Heather and Jeremy’s house is really awesome and looking forward to a gathering there as well.
I am so proud of the two of you and your family life. What a model. After we left, Robby is surfing internet for a place like yours.
I am so excited about this shower and being with you all.
Love, Aunt Karen"

Now, tell me that wouldn't make you feel good and make all of the late nights, sore muscles, and the need for tetanus shots totally worth it??

Anyway - had to put that out there, because it really did make us feel good... We're building (literally) a better life for our babies and for ourselves!

Now, onto that TO DO list!!! So that I don't forget!

1. Find or get new Birth Certs for Haden! Little man's registration for Kindergarten is suppose to be this week - but they've extended... I cannot find his birth cert ANYWHERE! Nor Holton's... Order please!!!

2. Figure out where we are with the house remodel budget... Doesn't include flooring - that we can finance... (thank you Home Depot for 12 months no interest and continually upping my credit limit!) Should be able to floor the entire house when the time comes... (that will be LAST)

3. Reinvent the wheel... No, really... Just re-invent our family budget... Need to get serious about meal planning. So many of my mommy friends are on top of this, and I just am not that inventive! (and Haden won't even eat spaghetti) pfft!!!

Ok, that's all for now... Happy Day... :) Yay for the weekend coming up!!!

AHHH... One more thing... I forgot that the boys have taken up Golfing... :) They are so funny!!! Holton seems to be more like a hockey player with the club and the ball... But Haden can really whack it and gets air and distance on his hits! :) Too cute if you ask me... (and I'm not biased... AT ALL!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time for Rest... We don't have TIME for that!!!

So, it's Wednesday - and we've taken a little time this week to rest... When I say A LITTLE - I mean LITTLE... Last week and weekend we were going 90-to-nothing and it caught up with us yesterday Morning when ALL of us, including the dogs, overslept. When you wake up during the week to the sunshine beaming on your face.... It's an instant "OH CRAP!" haha... :) Pretty sunrise, but not so pretty getting to work 2 hours late!

So, last night we ate leftovers, bathed the kids and were all in bed by 8:30!!! Definitely not enough rest, but we'll start again tonight possibly painting Han's room or finally finishing the clean up of the tile we installed two weeks ago...

Not sure yet, but I do know that we have to get the stairs functional and the walls built upstairs before Han's bday party on May 8th! She's got 8 girls staying the night - and I can tell ya - they won't fit in the main house!!! It won't be sheetrocked, but atleast they can use the stairs to go up and down during the chaotic sleepover...

A few pics that I've posted on FB already - but this is the ceiling coming down:

We've still got so much to do... and so little time and $$ to do it! :) That's life right? Anyway, mega buckling down in May... On all things money and time related... I may start posting daily - as a reminder of what I am suppose to be accomplishing that day... Kind of a tracker to-do list... :) we'll see.

My little munchkins didn't feel well this weekend - which wasn't helping.. I'm praying that it was just allergies and not all of the dust we spread around when demo-ing the garage! :( bad momma!

The boys like to be in the middle of everything - as you can see... They look like red-headed step children on the weekend... If I'm not putting on my face - I'm not doing their hair! :)

Hannah hid in the house most of the weekend - so - not pics of lil' miss sunshine! :)

Gotta run! Much love!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Brother... The Marine...

OMG... Completely forgot that I had took some pics from Facebook (from my sister from another mister and momma(thank you taylor)of Lee's marine graduation... VERY VERY proud of my litte Bro...:)

There is something to be said about someone who chooses to serve our country...and even more so to be a Marine... He reminds me of me... and Beth and Mel... and dad... damn it!!! we are all is spawn - so we are going to be the way we are.. right?

ANYWAY - I started this post last weekend - but forgot to post!

Love you my little BIG baby brother!!!! :o) Very very very proud of you!!!

Much love - forever and always! Big(dang it) Sis!

Holy Home Progress BATMAN!! :)

Well well well... eh - it's 1AM on Sat. night - and yes, I've had a few beers... but my word... HOW MUCH PROGRESS is going on? Well, at this moment - Hud, Jer and Dad have been discussing the angles of all kinds of stairs are, should be, might be... blah blah blah... I say "MAKE THE CUT - FIGURE IT OUT after the fact~!!!!" totally the chick in me... Of course - Jer just says "CUT THAT BITCH!~ We'll figure it out later!" hehehe... LOVE that!

Anyway - I blogged already that we got the hall poured, framed and walled in - well - today we've got stairs going in... Which turns out is entirely more difficult than ANY of us thought it would be.... No kidding.... support frames have been up several hours now... and the first step frame thingy has been cut... (another conundrum is 'do we trace the existing or make a fresh mark?) I say trace it and cut short... if the stairs are 1/16 crooked - who the hell is going to notice? like... really???

ANNNNNYYYYWAY - we can now hear the TV upstairs - dad's decided to crash - and with the huge hole in the ceiling - haha.... sleepy!! It is 1:11... make a wish... anyway - it's late - we're tired - and hungry... but perservere... right???

I really wish that a home improvement show would pick up on this progress and pitch in... The Obama money is seriously only going to go so far... $300 to $1K per trip is a biatch. it is what it is - but dang...

We lost power... but I have battery... oh hell - the whole street is out (no houses to see - but the street lights are out).... 2 mins later - we're back... it wasn't us... swear... and our 100 year old air compressor....

uh...muh...goh... i might fall asleep typing...

Much love... :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just call me SLACKER!!!!

Somehow I skipped blogging completely in March - it's not like I don't have a few minutes here and there... I think it's my facebook addiction - which I seem to be TRYING to break a bit. (haha)

So, now it is mid-April and ABSOLUTELY beautiful outside - which makes my blogging availability even less. :) hee hee... So, I shall summarize the past 2 months! :)

February was still cold and miserable... WET!!! I swear I thought we were going to float away at times. Our 'creek-turned-river' had me a bit worried and we found a new leak in kitchen (coming through the stove) - figures, right? That being said, we've survived and the kids and I are acclimating quite well to our new country life. Jer and I finished the chicken coop and bought 4 chickens... One died the next day (It looked a little weak when he brought it home)... The other 3 lasted about a month. Holton and I had our little ritual of going out to feed the chickens every night - and well... we walked up and saw one lying dead in the coop and the other two smaller ones were just GONE. Feathers here and there - so something got in there... Not sure what - but something! :) Needless to say, we haven't gotten anymore chickens. I don't want the Moorhead Farm to be a death sentence for animals that we bring home!!! :)

Speaking of, we do have two new additions to our family... Cash and Willie... Two pups that we got from the Redneck Feed Store... Went for chickens... ended up with two dogs... and my word - they crap alot! Sooo cute... And Josie is finally taking a liking to them. I can't ever get Willie to sit still enough for a pic, but here's little Cash (sideways):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As far as house progress goes, we're truckin' right along... Had foundation poured a few weeks ago and got the framing done in the hallway over the weekend. We're praying for no rain so we can finish the outside of the hall this weekend and possibly start framing the garage and installing the new french doors... woo hoo... !!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The kiddos are doing great... Han's going to be 12 in less than a month... Where the heck did the time go???? really? My pretty pretty girl...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And well, the boys are just growing like weeds... Haden will be 5 in July and Holt will be 3 in June... I cannot believe Haden starts Kindergarten this year!! AAH! Seriously - WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????????

Next month we have Jer's 34th birthday, Hannah's 12th birthday, Alex (my snuggly nephew)'s 1st birthday, Stacey Leigh's wedding shower AND Jer and I's 6 year wedding Anniversary! Can you say BUSY?? All of this going on while trying to remodel a house... Well well well! :) Jer and I work best under pressure, so watch us knock it out of the park... :)

And a few more... I have hundreds of pictures but can only post a few!!!

The kids decorating easter eggs... Haden was SO serious about it!

and someone got stuck in the creek!!! oops!

More to come - I've got some great videos of the kids too. :)

Much love! Heather