Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well crap - not as hard as I thought...

Thanks to Meg and Jessica - I found thatI had actually started a blog on this site - but hated the layout - so never went back to it... :) Either changes were made or I was having a brainfart day when I was messing with this thing! I guess this will be my new way to waste time... :) And inform the few that may possibly read this... haha... How about a few family updates?

Let's see... I guess I'll start with Jer and I.... I absolutely CANNOT believe that we are about to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary... Whew! Time flies when you are not getting any sleep from screaming children... hahaha... :) We're doing good as a whole - myself - graduated in February -finally!!!! YAY me!!! As for Jer - Citi is laying of several hundred people in the mortgage side of the business... He pushed for a severance package - and won. So - many people are thankful that they will atleast have something to live on until something else comes along. He's still wanting to get back into the aircraft industry on the purchasing side of things... We'll see! He had an interview last week - but getting anyone to hold out until the end of June may not work out!!

Hannah-Banana - a.k.a. "The Divine Ms. Sunshine" will be 10 next week... I wish someone could tell me where the last 10 years have gone and where this soon-to-be teenager came from. I am so very very proud of the beautiful, caring, smart and talented young lady she has become... I must say - I've done a damn good job! haha... All kidding aside - if it weren't for Jeremy and Tracey (and her dad) helping me - Han might have turned out to be a crazy nut like me. :) (hardy har har)
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As for Haden - my screamer... He's doing good... He talks SO well - you'd think he was Hannah's age. He is still a chow hound - and only wants bean burritos and freaking Apple Jacks... Last night he did have baked chicken/squash and zuchinni - but basically only because he knew he wouldn't get anything else - and we told him no TV if he didn't eat his dinner... He took like 10 bites and said "I'm done - I can watch TV now!" too freaking cute... :)
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Little Man Holton is wearing his momma and daddy out. Changing his diaper is like wrestling a 400 lb sumo wrestler. I have to pin down both arms with my legs and even then I can't keep his rear on the ground. He's already trying to walk and he is saying 'Bye' and waving, ma ma, GO!~ and 'uh oh' - when it strikes his fancy... (Never when we are trying to show him off - of course!!!)
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Check out these You Tube links that I posted yesterday... He's such a ham!


K - not sure if all the links/pics will work... haha... We shall see how my second official blog turns out... :)