Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ok... Two in ONE day? NO WAY you Say!

hahaha... Cat in the Hat anyone??? :)

I've got SOOOOOOOOOO many pics of my itty bitty babies (who the heck am I kidding)!!! I should start describing them as my 'almost teenage freaking momma out - Hannah', my 'little boy that really isn't little anymore and has lost all BABY associated with the term BABY, toddler or little boy - Haden' and my 'baby that's not a baby anymore but more like a full size bulldozer boy- Holt'...

It's all part of it, right? Ugh... Killing me - but makes me so proud at the same time. :) As birthdays go by, I remember that my birthdays are going by too. I haven't found a gray hair yet, but I'm sure they are coming - and I can't see crap since my hair is still so blonde...(yay!) It also reminds me that I've kept them alive for one more year! (haha.. I know - sad... but damn - it is TRUE!) Especially with my daredevil bulldozer Holt! :) I wanted to post of few of my favorite recent pics... If you read my updates on Facebook - these are all there... But some folk haven't made it to the FB world yet - OMG? WHAT? haha...

ANyway - I got them all in the same shot - and while Holt's eyes are shut - Han looks so pretty! :)

I posted "To My Child" on FB - and it was then decided that I would forgo(sp?) working on the house that evening and blow bubbles with my kids... and so we did... And played volleyball, soccer and basketball... Maybe a little frisbee too! :) Holt drank more of the bubbles than blew... Oh well. He's not even 3 yet - I'll give him that. :)

From a few days before... I followed the boys around on a 'walk-about'... The creek is their favorite it seems! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!

I have so many more.. but this is it for the moment...

Much love,


Is it really almost Mid-May? Whew!

Wow, can't believe that it's been over 20 days since my last post... I've been busy people!!! ;) We busted rear for 2 months trying to get as much done as possible for Hannah's 12th birthday party sleep over... Which BTW, was a TOTAL success!! We heard "Hannah, this is the best birthday party EVER!".... (pat on the back) haha... I love this little smirk on her face... it is basically "OK MOM - you can stop taking pictures now!!!"

As far as house progress:

Ram came out Friday and helped Jer finish sheet rocking the hallway and the rest of the 2 car part of the garage... I insulated the stairs and the rest of the garage so they could sheet rock (still need to SR the stairs - but that's going to take some engineering!!)

We've taken a MUCH needed break since Friday... Party Saturday, a trip to Keller to drop off my two favoritest girls Michaela and Miranda... a trip to the AT&T store... (hello iPhone... I LOVE IT!) and then a visit with Dillon and Barb... :)

I think we may start attacking the 3rd car part of the garage tonight or tomorrow... Demo is always fun, right??? Not really... But I'm ready to get this show on the road and close everything up so we can use the AIR CONDITIONER!!!! UGH!!!

We still haven't quite decided on how to tackle the air/heat downstairs... Under NO circumstances do we want to put in a third unit... Nor do we want to have to build out floor to ceiling 'boxes' to run air conditioning vents from upstairs... So we may be settling on a window unit that will handle the square footage... I can cover the monstrosity outside with rose bushes or something so that we can't see it from the road... (who cares really but us???)

This one gives me an idea of what this place will look like when we are done... Love it! Thank you to Hud for the lights!!! :)

haha... Speaking of Hud... Jer and him did a little bit of lawnmower racing a few weeks back... I wish I had my video camera on me - because it was quite amusing!!! :)

And last but not least - Jer 'took' the boys fishing in the part of the pond that falls on our property... Holton caught his first fish!!!

Much love from the Moorhead abode... :) If you haven't come to see us yet - get your rears in gear! Bring a hammer and energy...(kidding!) We'd love to see you!


H,J,H,H and H