Monday, July 26, 2010

I must say - I'm quite impressed...

I cannot believe how much we got accomplished this weekend... We seriously couldn't get half of what we get done without Grandma and Papa (and Aunt Brit) down the street to wrangle the boys for us while we work... :) I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE our new floors!!!:)

Anyway - this weekend we got the floors in most of the baseboards and crown molding in the new living room:

Jer really gets the credit for those items, because I was able to escape on Saturday morning for sister Amanda's baby shower... When I returned... this was what I had in store for the next several hours: grout, beer and A LOT of tile....

I love the grout color Jer picked - but I DID NOT like working with Sanded Grout... That crap dries out way too fast... I got tired of adding water! But, after a few trips around with the mop on Sunday - it looks pretty good!

The girls managed to keep themselves busy - I felt like I didn't see them all day on Saturday! Their Ke$ha impressions:

They crack me up!

When the boys got home, they helped daddy load trash... Someone thinks that they are old enough to drive by themselves... really...

OH! How could I forget... Little man Haden turned 5 on Wednesday! I cannot believe how big he's gotten... Seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital!!!

The boys helped make cupcakes and muffins for his bday:

ANYWAY - DON'T FORGET - BDAY party at our casa on August 7th for the boys... 3 and 5! :) Booking the bounce house today! :)

Much LOVE! Heather

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And on to the FLOORS!!!

And here we go! We've painted the rooms... and I installed the tile last weekend... Our hardwoods (well... laminate kick ass floors) came in Tuesday and have been acclamating to their new environment since then... Those go in this weekend! yay!!!
A few of the latest pics:

The new floors we picked out:

Rooms after paint:

We actually took a little breather last weekend and went to a bday party... Holt had a blast... Haden and Han did too - but I can't post her pic without a big FIT! haha

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We need a week off.... To sleep. :)

Well, well, well... Here we are, almost mid July already and we're still working our tails off to get this build done!!! :)

I"m not feeling overly clever today... We stayed up too late yet again last night trying to get the last bit of mud on the walls... Ran out of mud, so we're finishing up tonight and hopefully hitting the pillow fairly early...

Status as of yesterday:

Big room (living room) is textured, sanded the ceilings last night - and plan on texturing the ceiling tomorrow:

This is how pretty we look while sanding and texturing....

I think every piece of 'weekend wear' clothing we own (shoes included) are covered in mud:

You would not believe how tedious and time consuming mudding and sanding is? It seems like we've been working in SLOW motion, but we haven't! Hello???? Can we be DONE with this already? haha... I know, I know... Don't rush. But dang! We'd like to pick out paint! and flooring!

Ok, ok... I'll post more this weekend when we have the rest of the texture finished. Yay!

Much love,