Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did I mention that I'm going to be an AUNT.... AGAIN!???? :)

My sister Kimberly is having a baby!!! We had the shower last weekend... She's absolutely GLOWING!!!!

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ANYWAY... We are so excited for Kimberly and Alan!!! WOO! HOO!!!

Alexander Leon Perkins is still brewing... :)

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Did I mention that one of my 'besties' came to the shower??? Brandie beauty!!!

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The shower turned out great - all my worry was ridiculous (as usual!!!)

The shower folks...

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We can't wait to meet Alex!!!! LOVE YOU KIMMIE!!! :)

Did I mention we are adding to our family????

Oh Lord people... Seriously... I'm not pregnant again... While it is April Fools Day - we don't joke about THAT... haha...

ANYWAY... We are getting a puppy!!! Well - she's not a puppy - she's 6 years old and her name is Josie and she needs a home... We've GOT ONE!!! A warm welcoming home that wants to add to our family!

We get to meet her on Friday - a few pics from her 'parents'...

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Will definitely post more as soon as I have pics of Josie with the kids... Hannah is SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!! The boys don't really understand yet... :)

Much Love!

SOOO much to blog about!!! sooooo LITTLE time to do so!

So - I've totally been meaning to update... And seriously haven't had the time... It seems we are busier than ever lately... and the boys aren't even in sports yet! haha... I an only imagine when they are!

Anyway - the past month of weekends have been absolutely jam packed! We made a trip to Texarkana to meet my baby sis Mel.... Dropping off Hannah-Spanana for spring break... We were actually suppose to meet in Hope, Arkansas - but Mel drives faster... DUH!! LEAD FOOT!!! Anyway - we got a few cute pics from that trip that OF COURSE are not on this computer!!!

Hannah had a blast with Aunt Mel - they visited historical everything and went to see Romeo and Juliet... Turned out to be an 'EMO-ish' type theatrical... So neither were super bored - but not uber-impressed either!

We drove back out the next weekend and decided to head out on Friday after work and somehow (with lots of butt-puckers) to Hot Springs... We'd never been there - and it was really nice!!! Not so much the 'motel' that we stayed in - but Hot Springs in general... The mountain is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'll have to post pics from my other computer because they aren't on this one!!! BUUUUUUUTTT... On our drive back we stopped at the farm and spent the day... We had fun exploring!!! Well... Most of the fam did... Haden - NOT SO MUCH!!!

heee heee... Does that make me a mean momma??? MAYBE! BUT IT WAS FUNNY!

Seriously people.. that was funny!!!!