Friday, May 29, 2009

Alexander Leon Perkins... 05.26.09

So.... It has been LIKE FOREVER since I've blogged.... But today I have THE MOST fabulous reason to do so....

My BEAUTIFUL sister Kimberly has had the most beautiful baby boy in the ENTIRE world!!! (Mine are pretty cute - but seriously - Alex is GORGEOUS!!!!)

I am SO beyond proud of Kimberly and Alan.... :) I am overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of Alex.... He has been blessed by God - to have my sister as a mother.. mommy.... mom... omg...... and to have Alan as a daddy... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! MY SISTER KIM is a MOMMY!!! HOLY HOLY WOW!!! How is it possible to love a baby so much???? I didn't have him - but OMG - I am in love with him!!!!

Anyway - I seriously cannot believe how in love I am with a little man named Alex.... He has SOOOOOOOOOO much love ahead of him... I cannot wait until my little Alex is ready to play with my little Holton and Haden....
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