Friday, August 20, 2010

My...oh... My... Another month gone by!!

Well well well... It's almost the end of August already... Haden and Hannah are about to start school (wow!!! Monday!!!) - We've had a birthday party for the boys this month (and a mini-housewarming the same day), we've had 2 killer volleyball fests at the house, done some cattle herding, school shopping, 4-wheeling and have had 2 meet the teacher events!!! (oh, and we actually got a little sleep this month!!!) AND how could I forget - we finished our floors, had a horrible storm, had to take them out and start over!! DUH!!! THE WEEK of the party!!!

Our focus is off of the house - and back onto our family. 4 months was long enough of GO GO GO - so now we are 'chill - relax - enjoy'... :) We still have many projects to be done, but at a much slower pace!!! :) Our home is liveable now - and so that's exactly what we must do... LIVE!!!! :) A few pics of our adventures in August:

Happy 5th and 3rd Birthdays to our precious boys!!

So many of our wonderful family members and friends spent this very special day with us!

And we played some serious volleyball!

As Holton joins us... (and shows some booty-crack!

Some of the storm damage - trampoline flew into the house, knocked out both posts that support the porch roof (thankfully it didn't collapse) and then proceeded to travel across the creek into one of the trees:

and... the winds blew open our new french doors, and flooded our brand new floors...
New floors 2 days before, fully installed:

and the floors after... green are the ones that were ruined (upside down) - we were able to save half...

Anyway - I'll go for now... I've got many more pics - that of course are on facebook too!! :)

Much Love,

H,J,H,H and H