Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Month gone by.... Sheesh!

I cannot believe that yet ANOTHER month has flown by... Just yesterday we were wrapping up Han's 12th bday party - and since then so much more has happened!

First of all, the house progress is amazing... Tiring... but it is really coming along. We have to stop having guests out on the weekends though - completely halts all productivity!!! and has something to do with bigger headaches than normal the next day! hahaha...

Anyway - since the last update:

Hannah won a band award (the only one given that night!) and wrapped up 6th grade:

Jeremy and I celebrated out 6 year wedding anniversary:

Holton got the flu - and kept it for an entire week:

Once feeling better - he helped daddy an me put the siding on the house:

Which WORE that poor boy OUT:

Speaking of siding, we got the breezeway done and where the two garage doors used to be - can't wait to paint:

In the middle of all this madness - we celebrated Holt's 3rd birthday - and he got his first gas-powered 4 wheeler:

We added to our family two barn cats - Hank and Dolly... (Hank is a girl):

We painted Hannah's room upstairs and put in her new furniture - yes, it is VERY VERY VERY PINK:

We set up the boys room upstairs (almost there - not quite RIGHT yet):

We had some fireworks inside the house:

We finished the sheetrock in the soon-to-be living room, mud room, hallway and stairwell AND have started (and almost finished with) the first round of tape and bedding:

Installed a couple of windows:

And most recently - started sanding the ceiling to finish up the taping and bedding so we can texture:


On the list of to-do's for the weekend - hopefully we'll get to finish all of the tape and bed and POSSIBLY start the texturing process... I'm thinking we're another week out for that...

What makes all of the long nights worth it??? Moments like this:

Whew... Soon enough - we'll be done with the add-on... and start the remodel on the inside... and then onto the cows/horses/barn and the fences... sheesh! We'll see rest in 2013. maybe.


Much love...


25 Things I've learned since moving to our mini-farm....

1.) Spiders and me do not co-habitate... I do not care how "good" they are suppose to be for other bugs... You all must die. seriously. (already knew this - hello bought a freaking farm!! Hi GENIUS!)

2.) Drywall should be hung horizontally... for real.. not kidding... me stupid. you not. don't look at my mud lines.

3.) There is a reason that studs are set 16 inches apart... Learn from our mistakes... 16 inches... for real.

4.) A "rasp" is quite important when you are sheet-rocking...

5.) I learned what a rasp was.

6.) According to spell check - sheetrock is not one word.

7.) Many screws are necessary... NOT as necessary as dad says... (if I could interject with a picture example here - I would)... asshole...

8.) Listen to your elders...most of them can actually give you good advice... really...most do.

9.) Your elders might not be older than you.

10.) I am WAY stonger than I ever thought I was... and Jer is superman.

11.) That ANYTHING is possible with the right attitude. (thank you God)

12.) Don't borrow gas out of the barn... Just don't.

13.) That #12 makes Jer laugh - because he did. (the 4-wheeler is smoking like we lit it on fire)

14.) That "dishpan" hands - don't really happen... No dishwasher - 6 months - my hands are fine..

15.) Septic peeps want to suck your shit. because it costs $350. You don't need your shit sucked. well.. We hope we don't.

16.) Air-tools are THE coolest thing ever... other than the miter saw. that bitch rocks.

17.) Jer is a rockstar.

18.) You can live without air conditioning 24/7. Sweat will not kill you - unless you are trying to sleep.

19.) Sleeping = a $500 electric bill.

20.) June bugs = rockets... they love beer too. Cover your beer.

21.) I love beer...oh wait...I already knew this.

22.) Buy the expensive toilet seats... just do. especially if you have boys in the house.

23.) Don't squish the fat spiders -unless you want to see 400 little ones spread like wildfire.

24.) Screw dusting, mopping or even sweeping. Do it - you will be pissed in less that 5 minutes.

25.) Cows die. When they do - most of their body parts will end up in your back yard. and it stinks. really really bad.

Many...many...many more to come...

Much love... and many blessing to you and yours... (and ours!!)